We are committed to providing world-class care and this includes our personal homecare services/companionship.

Our well trained and certified home health assistants are available to assist your elderly loved ones with everyday activities such as:

Personal hygiene, including:

  • Bathing and/or assisted bathing for clients who are too ill to take bath in the bathroom or for bedridden or handicapped clients.
  • Changing of clothes, undergarment, continence aids and any soiled sheets.
  • Brushing of teeth and cleaning of dentures.
  • Toileting and other elimination needs.
  • Simple hair and nail trimming.

Support/assistance with activities of daily living and other personal care tasks, including:

  • Lifting, transferring and positioning of clients.
  • Assisting with oral and/or tube feeding.
  • Simple errands, where necessary and appropriate.
  • Mind stimulating activities.
  • Elder-sitting and caregiver respite.
  • Performing simple maintenance exercises as prescribed and trained by registered therapists.

Do you need a personal care or companionship service?